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You can’t beat experience and support


  • Weekly sales reporting data.
  • Regular email group updates.
  •  Newsletter.
  • Australian conference where we get our franchisees together to share ideas.Want to travel overseas Usa, Hong Kong, Berlin? International industry conference opportunities available also.

Business Planning and Management Support

  • Budgeting models for each financial year of trade.
  • P&L comparisons for monthly management accounts.
  • Business planning visits and meetings.

Operational support

  • Regular visits with a set agenda of discussion points and a business review check list to ensure you are maximising your efforts.
  • The latest in equipment improvements.
  • Purchasing power—discounts on food, drinks and other items.
  • An online franchise manual accessible through a special “franchisee only area”.
  • Training Modules.
  • OH&S accredited program.

Marketing support

  • Manage, action and administer the national and state advertising funds
  • Review and share marketing initiatives
  • Co-ordinate joint activities.
  • Manage the website.
  • Assist with sourcing promotional/merchandise options.
  • Brand manual for design and logo usage guidelines.
  • Marketing materials/templates.
  • TV Ad scheduled nationally on free to air.